Rail Fan Friday #4: The Grungy Conrails

It’s time for Rail Fan Friday again! Last week, we concluded our 1st Hagerstown visit. This week we continue our adventure and document a somewhat local area. Here is the tale of the Grungy Conrails.



My Model Railroad: Blueprint Sneak Peek

With warmer weather on the horizon, it is soon time to tackle my home layout. Today I want to share my plans for my 8′ x 8′ home model railroad.

See it now:  https://www.trainsinthevalley.com/post.php?p=245

150 Years Ago: The Good Spring Railroad

Today I want to discuss some local railroad history. Many years ago, the Good Spring Railroad was incorporated. The exact date is unknown, but it could have been as early as 1861.

Learn more:  https://www.trainsinthevalley.com/post.php?p=236

Rail Fan Friday #2: Watch Our First Video Ever!

Welcome to our second installment of Rail Fan Friday. I am pleased to announce that we are launching our YouTube Channel in correlation with this post!

See the rest here: https://www.trainsinthevalley.com/post.php?p=226

Railroad Progress: Who Wants a First Look?

Last Fall, I dismantled my first layout to build something bigger and better. I have been meaning to share my new railroad progress once the Blog was up and running. It is finally that time! Today I will be sharing a first look at what I got going on.

Read more: https://www.trainsinthevalley.com/post.php?p=208