Be Safe Out There!

I enjoyed creating this picture a lot more than shoveling 3′ of snow! The storm prevented me from traveling to Philly to pick up an order. So I will be going tomorrow instead! Hopefully, we will be stocked up on Saturday. I will post a blog on Friday with an update.

Thank you and be safe out there!


Rail Fan Friday #4: The Grungy Conrails

It’s time for Rail Fan Friday again! Last week, we concluded our 1st Hagerstown visit. This week we continue our adventure and document a somewhat local area. Here is the tale of the Grungy Conrails.

Rail Fan Friday #2: Watch Our First Video Ever!

Welcome to our second installment of Rail Fan Friday. I am pleased to announce that we are launching our YouTube Channel in correlation with this post!

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Railroad Progress: Who Wants a First Look?

Last Fall, I dismantled my first layout to build something bigger and better. I have been meaning to share my new railroad progress once the Blog was up and running. It is finally that time! Today I will be sharing a first look at what I got going on.

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3 Things You Need To Know About Open Hoppers

3 Things You Need To Know About Open Hoppers

Today I want to share 3 quick facts with you about one of the most standard railcars in my area. Open-top hoppers feature a large container with narrow openings on the bottom and no roof. Let’s get started!

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